Adolescent Drug Abuse in Gainesville, GA

Known as the “Poultry Capital of the World,” Gainesville, GA is  your typical southern town. Home to 43,000 residents, Gainesville sits at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Charming, and full of Southern hospitality, Gainesville silently worries for their adolescent community. Throughout the state of Georgia, the use of methamphetamine’s has been on the rise. The rising rate is greater than what the United States sees as a whole. Gainesville takes part in the Healthy People 2020 initiative. The aim of the initiative was to improve the overall health of its citizens by 2020. Hall county (where Gainesville is located) in particular, mainly focuses on mental health accessibility, and improving the youth drug rate.

Drug Statistics on Gainesville, GA

Research has found that long-term health outcomes can be determined by how the individual treats their health in their youth. The community of Gainesville reports that their adolescent substance abuse concerns them. There are two factors contributing to this trend of substance abuse among the youth. The first being that Gainesville has limited access to both mental health services and addiction thearpy. The longer one goes without treating mental health and addiction, the worse they will become.

More so, the rate of uninsured individuals in Gainesville is high. Around 21.5% of adults in Gainesville are uninsured. The uninsured rate correlates with the low educational attainment rate. Only 75% percent of adults in the area are high school graduates. Sadly, the low educational attainment makes it harder for these individuals to obtain jobs that provide insurance. Lack  of insurance coverage creates a barrier for an individual seeking addiction treatment. However, our experts can provide you with treatment options no matter your circumstance. Call 912-214-3867, and find the treatment options that will match your needs, whether you are insured or not.

When looking for treatment options in Georgia, it will be important to keep your treatment options open. Gainesville does not have many choices for addiction treatment and you may want to consider finding drug rehab in Savannah, Georgia. Do not feel as though you cannot relocate. You have many resources available to you to help you find drug treatment centers in Atlanta, alcohol treatment centers in Atlanta, alcohol rehab centers in Savannah, and beyond. Call our experts today and they will be able to assist in helping you find drug intervention tips in Georgia. Throughout this page we offer many resources to help you find the treatment that is going to best serve you or a loved one.

Help is Available

Addiction Therapy in Gainesville, GATreatment is not going to be the same for everyone. Fortunately, treatment comes in different forms that can aid an individual dealing with addiction, no matter the severity. There is short-term care, which is an intensive 30-day treatment length, effective for individuals who are only dealing with a minor addiction. Other options are 60- and 90-day treatment programs that are meant for individuals dealing with a more severe addiction. When it comes to severe addiction, longer term treatments have better results. Within the treatment lengths, you will also find treatment options such as in-patient residential, outpatient, and partial hospitalization.

There are not many options for treatment available in Gainesville, consider alcohol rehab in Atlanta. However, if an individual needs to stay in Gainesville, there are available treatment facilities. There is a single facility that provides in-patient hospitalization care and one facility that provides out-patient detoxification. An individual who needs additional types of treatment, such as in-patient residential treatment, won’t be able to get it in Gainesville. More so, while several facilities in the area accept both Medicare and Medicaid, if you have no form of coverage, there are no facilities in the area that offer payment assistance. However, it may be better to look to other cities in Georgia for alcohol rehab. Consider alcohol detox in Atlanta or drug rehab in Savannah.

Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Atlanta, GA

More so, if you’re trying to find treatment for alcohol addiction in Georgia, the above treatment lengths apply. Typically, alcohol rehab in Georgia is offered in these specific forms, keep in mind many are not available in Gainesville, and you may want to look to alcohol treatment centers in Atlanta:

  • Outpatient Services: This treatment option allows individuals to receive treatment and then return home at the end of the day. Consider outpatient alcohol rehab in Atlanta, as Gainesville is limited in this treatment type.
  • Partial Hospitalization: Only available as a component of 30-day treatment programs, this option is similar to outpatient. However, this option is more intense than outpatient and requires a greater portion of one’s time. Atlanta, GA alcohol treatment centers can provide this treatment type.
  • In-Patient Residential: Inpatient consists of a 24-hour stay in a facility. Again, your options for this treatment are limited in Gainesville so you may want to look for inpatient alcohol rehab in Atlanta, GA.

You have many options available for you when it comes to alcohol treatment centers in Atlanta, the distance does not have to be a negative factor. Additionally, you will be able to find quality alcohol rehab in Savannah, GA. No matter the treatment type you need it is important consider several cities for alcohol rehab in Georgia. Keep in mind several types of substance abuse treatments in Atlanta are available.

Step into a New City for Addiction Therapy

The symptoms of addiction can be vast, treatment options are vast too. Since addiction can be so varied, it is important that treatment types are varied as well. When you limit yourself to only receiving treatment in Gainesville, you may also be limiting your chance at success. Yes, Gainesville has a bit to offer when it comes to treatment centers, but there are also treatment types that are not available in the city.

Many specialized care options, such as treatment for individuals who are a part of the LGBTQ community and treatment for an abuse victim are available in another city (such as Atlanta), but not in Gainesville. Specific needs require specific treatment, relocating can assure the individual receives the treatment they truly need. If you have specific needs, please look to Atlanta drug treatment centers. The appropriate drug addiction treatment program in Georgia may be at a distance.

Aside from treatment options, relocating allows the potential patient to receive a new shot at life. When the individual remains local, they are likely remaining around toxic influences that contributed to their addiction. There is likely to be a painful environment surrounding the individual if they remain local. Addiction can create hindrances in relationships, and when the individual remains in this environment it may be difficult to remain sober. The environment can be a painful reminder of what they have lost to addiction.

More so, individuals undergoing in-patient treatment have a higher treatment completion rate when they relocate. Staying local can make it easier for the individual to leave treatment. Relocating allows the individual to better focus on their recovery. Not to mention, should the individual choose rehab in Savannah, Georgia they will be able to experience rehab in a peaceful and picturesque setting.

The Perfect Place for Recovery

It is important to remember that although relocating to a new city can start to sound complicated, there are convenient and cost effective ways to do it. Two cities you may want to relocate to for treatment are Savannah and Atlanta. Drug rehab in Savannah, GA can immerse the individual with both a beautiful environment, and a new sober environment. The are many rehabs in Savannah, GA and one is likely going to fit yourself or a loved one’s needs. Atlanta on the other hand, is more likely going to have any specialized care that you may need. Consider looking in and around Atlanta to find treatment for alcohol addiction.

Finding the Right Treatment Center

Aside from the new life and addiction therapy availability, before deciding on a treatment center there are a few additional things to keep in mind. The first thing to consider when selecting a treatment center is accreditation. You will want the individual to receive the most professional and legitimate care. Look for accreditation from:

  • CARF International
  • The Joint Commission
  • The National Commission on Correctional Healthcare

Next, consider the type of addiction therapy that the center uses. Therapy that has been proven effective through evidence-based approaches that benefit the patient and offer the best recovery potential. These methods can include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Family Treatment Approach

The next factor you will want to consider is Length/Location. As stated before, relocating for rehab can have a positive outcome. Treatment forms such as in-patient residential will likely be more beneficial when the individual relocates. Consider length when it comes to addiction severity. How long can the individual be away from their priorities? Next, it is important to look into the aftercare options the facility provides. Aftercare helps transition the individual back into a sober lifestyle. Options for aftercare can include:

  • On-going outpatient treatment
  • 12-step programs
  • Sober Living facilities
  • Community building
  • Academic support

Do not forget to look into the methods of payment that the treatment center accepts. Remember, a decent portion of those living in Gainesville are not insured. A few facilities in Gainesville accept Medicare and Medicaid, but they do not provide payment assistance. For more affordable options consider Atlanta addiction treatment. Keep these in mind while exploring treatment options.

Where to Look for Treatment

In Georgia, alcohol rehab centers are available in many cities. Two of the most worthwhile options for treatment include Savannah and Atlanta. Atlanta is the heart of Georgia and relocating there can feel intimidating to someone from a small town. However, receiving addiction treatment in Atlanta can mean finally reaching sobriety. If you are not sure about finding Atlanta drug treatment centers, or unsure if Atlanta is for you, Savannah is another great option to consider when looking for drug addiction treatment programs in Georgia. Although still a big city, one may be able to say that Savannah is less boisterous than Atlanta. However, both cities should be considered to give you the best chance at receiving the perfect treatment.

Benefits of Treatment in Gainesville, GA

One of the key things to keep in mind when considering treatment is length and location. With that said, sometimes staying local can be the best option. Not everyone can simply leave their daily life to receive addiction therapy, and not everyone needs to. Individuals who have intact relationships made up of people who support their recovery will benefit from staying local. More so, individuals taking part in outpatient treatment have options. Outpatient treatment in Gainesville includes both detox and intensive services. Staying local gives the individual the opportunity to lengthen the amount of time they spend in outpatient. Those who are in outpatient treatment longer typically have a higher their rate of recovery. Not to mention, individuals that stay local have an easier transition into aftercare. The individual did not have to leave their home life and can transition their old environment into a sober environment with ease.

Keep in mind that the right treatment option is not the same for everyone, the individual’s circumstance needs to be taken into account. For some individuals, staying close to home will be the best option. However, individuals that do not have a substance-free home should look into substance abuse treatment in Savannah. There are many different rehabs in Savannah, GA and an individual who needs a supportive community outside of Gainesville will likely benefit from treatment outside of the town. Always keep in mind the needs of the individual. Think of what is going to truly fit their needs and whether that involves staying local or branching out.

Take Action Today

Gainesville, GA has a youth community that is struggling with addiction. Recall that the research shows the sooner you can curb addiction, the less consequences it will have on one’s health in the future. However, no matter what stage of addiction you or a loved one are facing it is never too late to seek help. Call 912-214-3867 and start down your road to recovery today. The rate of methamphetamine abuse is increasing everyday in Georgia, do not let you or a loved one fall victim. Addiction can be cured and you are a phone call away from finding addiction therapy.

We want to help you explore all of your options for treatment. It does not matter if you need to stay close to Gainesville or whether you would like to relocate and find alcohol rehab in Atlanta, GA. No matter where you need alcohol rehab, Georgia has an option for you. If you need help getting started simply reach out and give us a call. No matter where you may need drug or alcohol rehab in Georgia, we want to help you find it. Dealing with the stressors of addiction can be a lot at times, we want to ease the process for you so you can focus on recovery faster.

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