A typically quaint island, located a mere 20 miles north of Savannah, GA, Hilton Head Island, SC is a popular tourist spot. The population is around 37,000 but can more than double in size during tourist season. The beaches and golf make this destination a hit with families. However, tourism can also lead to opening a doorway for illicit substances to get through. Unfortunately, South Carolina has seen their opioid overdoses increase. The opioid overdoses are following a nationwide trend. Prescription drugs have seen a rise in availability which are making them easy to abuse with the overdose rate increasing by three times since 1999. Drug addiction treatment in Hilton Head Island would help to bring these rates down.

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Overdoses In Hilton Head Island, SC

Although it may be hidden from the mainstream, Hilton Head Island, SC is struggling with opioid use. In fact, in one three week period in 2019, Hilton Head saw four deaths from overdose alone. There has been an effort to remove expired and unused prescriptions from the streets of Hilton Head, but it is not always enough. No matter the availability of over-the-counter drugs, treatment is available. Call 912-214-3867, and learn about your treatment options today. Both short and long-term treatment options are available, depending on the level of addiction severity. Even though efforts have been made to curb the over-the-counter issue in Hilton Head, there is still work left to be done. If you or a loved one have been affected by addiction, reach out today so we can help you locate the right addiction treatment center in the state of Georgia.

While on this page, keep an open mind. In order to find the best treatment center you may have to look to different cities. Your loved one may come to find that alcohol detox treatment in Atlanta is what they need to get away from the stressors of their life. Perhaps drug rehab in Savannah, GA, which is nearby is going to better fit their needs. Always keep in mind that the right treatment is the best fit treatment and you may have to look into other cities for that treatment. This page provides resources on finding the right treatment for yourself for a loved. Please reach out regarding any questions you may have.

Addiction Treatment Options Are Available


Before you decide on your treatment options, consider which type of treatment you or a loved one may need. Not all facilities will offer the same treatment plans or types. Consider both the severity of one’s addiction as well as their lifestyle. There are treatment plans for 30-days, which are best for mild addiction. 30-day plans offer in-patient residential treatment along with partial hospitalization. Additionally, there are 60-day and 90-day options for treatment that are appropriate for moderate to severe addiction, respectively. Both the 60 and 90-day programs offer in-patient residential treatment as well as out-patient options.

In-patient residential involves a stay at a facility where the individual receives 24-hour care from professionals. Out-patient and partial hospitalization are similar, but not the same. The main difference is partial hospitalization is vigorous and is only a component of month-long treatment. Partial hospitalization is similar to out-patient in that patients may return home after receiving treatment. However, out-patient takes a lot less time out of both a patients day and week than partial hospitalization. Unfortunately, no facilities in Hilton Head offer these treatments, but choosing a rehab facility in Savannah, Georgia may be a great option for you.

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Savannah, GA

If you are looking for these treatment options, a close by city that offers all of them is Savannah, GA. You will be able to find both alcohol and drug rehab in Savannah, GA. A mere 30 miles away there are a multitude of alcohol treatment centers in Savannah, GA. Not to mention, if you are looking for even more nearby treatment, Georgia offers many options. Additionally, you will also want to consider alcohol rehab in Atlanta. Georgia, alcohol rehab is typically offered as such:

  • Partial Hospitalization: An intense option only available for short-term treatment programs. Alcohol treatment centers in Atlanta, GA provide this treatment type.
  • Outpatient Services: Similar to partial hospitalization, allows the patient more freedom with a lesser intensity. Consider receiving outpatient alcohol rehab in Atlanta.
  • Inpatient Services: Inpatient services require a stay at a facility where the individual participates in a communal environment. There is inpatient alcohol rehab in Atlanta, GA available.

Georgia has a lot to offer when it comes to substance abuse treatment in Savannah and Atlanta, one of these cities may be right for you.

Benefits Of Traveling For Treatment

Trying to find addiction treatment in Hilton Head Island is going to be somewhat of a fruitless effort, as there is no addiction treatment in Hilton Head Island. The next closest city for treatment is going to be 20 miles south in Savannah, GA. However,  leaving one’s city for treatment can actually be quite beneficial to the patient for a variety of reasons. The first reason is that the individual is truly given the opportunity to start over. The simple fact of the matter is, when an individual does not relocate for treatment, they are likely remaining in a toxic environment. The environment is likely a factor in contributing to their initial addiction, and it will be best for them to get away from it.

With the limited amount of treatment options, you will want to consider nearby Savannah, GA. There are many options for the treatment of addiction in Savannah and you will want to find your best fit option. Hilton Head is limited in what it offers for treatment, and stepping away for rehab in Savannah, Georgia will give the individual a chance at healing in a new serene environment. Understanding the individual’s unique needs such as addiction severity and the side effects of the substance they’re addicted to can help you determine their unique needs. Consider their needs and that their perfect treatment may be alcohol rehab in Savannah, GA or even alcohol detox in Atlanta, GA.

Consider the Individual

When considering treatment types if the patient needs in-patient services, relocating is likely the best option in general. Patients who receive in-patient treatment in a new city are more likely to complete therapy. These individuals are also away from an environment and community that may enable their substance abuse. More so, that community is likely to aid in that individual sustaining their addiction, and may not support the individual on their path to rehabilitation. Luckily, relocation will give the patient a chance to have some privacy. When the individual is given this sense of privacy, they will not worry about what the community around them thinks. They are now given the opportunity to focus on the individual that is integral to their healing, that individual is themselves.

Another city you may want to consider when it comes to finding treatment is Atlanta. You may want to particularly consider Atlanta if you’re from a marginalized community like the LGBT, or a former victim of abuse. Atlanta drug treatment centers offer many different types of treatment. Both drug and alcohol rehab in Atlanta are available and accessible. Relocating to a new and big city like Atlanta for addiction treatment can be daunting but necessary. Staying in the current location may be easy, but it does not mean you will receive the necessary treatment. Relocating and receiving alcohol rehab in Georgia may be right for you.

Finding An Addiction Treatment Center

Aside from the opportunity to start over and the lessened opportunity of leaving treatment, availability of treatment types is something important to consider. Although in general, Hilton Head Island does not offer sufficient treatment options, keeping your options open for treatment is always a sign of good judgement. Treatment and therapy options are going to range from city to city, and imperative to consider the individual’s specific needs. Not every form of therapy is going to work for everyone. Of course, no form of therapy is any better than another form on its own. The fact is some forms of therapy benefit certain individual’s better than another form.

Lastly, there are four important things to look for when choosing a treatment center. Consider each of these before selecting a treatment facility:

When you consider these you can feel confident in taking your next step towards finding treatment.

Accreditation: Is the center appropriately accredited? Look for accreditation from one of these: CARF International, Council on Accreditation, and the Joint Commission.

Evidenced-Based Therapies: Are the therapy methods of your center, tried and true? Have these therapy methods been proven effective through research?

Length/Location: Does your preferred location offer treatment options for the appropriate length? Consider relocation for the best recovery odds.

Aftercare Services: How well will the facility prepare the patient for a return to a life where substances will be available?

Treatments Near You

There are no treatment centers located in Hilton Head Island, SC. However, if you are looking to receive treatment close to home, options are available close by in Savannah, GA. It is understandable that not everyone has the means to relocate for treatment. Not to mention, everyone may not have the luxury of leaving their day to day lives for treatment. These individuals may find that seeking out-patient services will better serve their needs.

More so, staying close by will increase the chances that the individual will participate in aftercare services. Taking part in aftercare services is essential because it strongly decreases the individual’s chance for a relapse. The fact that the individual stayed close for treatment means it will be less of a transition for them into aftercare. The individual will have the opportunity to lengthen their therapy as a form of aftercare. More so, staying close by is a good option for individual’s who have a strong network of support already.

Find Treatment Today

Know that the best treatment option is going to be the one that is going to give the individual their best chance at reaching sobriety. Facing addiction can be difficult and we want to assist you in finding drug treatment centers in Atlanta, GA or provide you with drug intervention tips to help assist you on your journey. Not to mention, we can additionally help you find Atlanta alcohol rehab centers or alcohol rehab centers in Savannah, GA. If you are unsure if relocating for treatment is your best choice call us at 912-214-3867. We will find a treatment that is close to you and solves all of your treatment needs.

Call Today

The opioid crisis is raging across the United States, and now is as good a time as ever to call and seek treatment. We have experts waiting for your call at 912-214-3867. Whether you are seeking treatment in Hilton Head Island, SC or beyond we are here for you. We can provide more information on treatment, and get you going down that road to treatment. It is okay to feel intimidated, addiction can be a handful, but there are always options. No matter the treatment length or type you need, a facility is out there for you. Pick up the phone and let us find treatment for you.

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