Cocaine Abuse in Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA a quaint vacation town, popular with visitors from all over the south. Home to a population of 393,353, Savannah’s old Southern Charm and picturesque beaches offer something for everyone. However, being coastal makes Savannah an all too easy target for illicit drugs to breach its shores. Throughout Savannah there is a prevalence of hard drugs like heroin and Cocaine and Addiction Treatment Centers. The tourist culture of Savannah has allowed the prevalence of drug abuse to prevail throughout the city. Many upper-class teens will come from the suburbs and use their visit to Savannah to as the opportune time to abuse drugs.

Drug Statistics on Savannah, GA

Steadily, Savannah is seeing an increase in both MDMA and heroin abuse. MDMA is a both a stimulant and hallucinogen, although overdoses may be rare with the substance. However, use of MDMA can lead to participating in high-risk behaviors such as unprotected sex. As a result, usage has a correlation with a higher rate of contracting HIV despite the user’s sexuality. Aside from MDMA, the most prevalent substance being abused in Savannah is cocaine. In fact, in the summer of 2020, a cocaine seizure worth 2 million took place. Unfortunately, it does not look like the cocaine crisis in Savannah is slowing down. However, there is help, call 912-214-3867 and find drug rehab in Savannah, GA today.

Throughout this page and the rest of our website you will be able to find useful drug intervention tips. While reading through, keep your options open when it comes to treatment. You have plenty of options available to you when it comes to rehabs in Savannah, GA, but your perfect treatment may be in another city. A change of scenery may be needed and luckily, Atlanta is not too far away. There are multiple options for substance abuse treatment in Atlanta that are accessible to you, call today and learn about your options for treatment.

Addiction Treatment in Savannah, GA

When looking for drug addiction treatment programs in Georgia, you will likely want to know what options are available for you. First, you will want to understand the different types of treatment programs. There are both short and long-term treatment options. The first, short-term or 30-day programs are meant for individual’s dealing with a minor addiction who do not need treatment for an extended period. Long-term treatment, or the 60- and 90-day programs are meant for individuals with a moderate to severe form of addiction, respectively. Each of the treatment lengths offer a form of inpatient care. Only the 60 and 90-day forms provide outpatient care. The 30-day option provides partial hospitalization which is more intense than outpatient, although they are similar.

When you are looking for specific treatment types in Savannah, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, while you will have access to many drug rehabs in Savannah, GA you will be slightly limited for what you may be able to find in terms of hospital inpatient care. Next, most of the other treatment forms are available at a variety of different treatment centers in Savannah, GA including outpatient and residential services. Additionally, if you or a loved one are dealing with an opioid addiction you will be able to find several SAMHSA certified centers in the area. Payment assistance is available at many facilities in the area for those who may need it.

Alcohol Rehab in Georgia

If you are looking for treatment in Georgia, you are likely wondering what the state offers in terms of alcohol treatment. All of the previously mentioned treatment types are available as forms of treatment at alcohol rehab centers in Georgia . Typically in Georgia, alcohol rehab is offered as follows:

  • Inpatient Residential: This form of treatment entails an around the clock stay in a sober facility. Inpatient alcohol rehab in Atlanta, GA is available if you are looking to relocate for treatment.
  • Partial Hospitalization: Available as a part of the 30-day treatment program, partial hospitalization allows the individual to receive treatment for most of their day and return home afterward. This treatment form is limited in Savannah so you may want to look for alcohol rehab in Atlanta, GA for this treatment type.
  • Outpatient Care: Outpatient Services are similar to partial hospitalization in that the individual can return home after treatment. However, the individual will spend much less of their time in treatment for a longer period of time. Outpatient alcohol rehab in Atlanta and Savannah, GA are available.

Keep in mind your unique needs when looking for alcohol rehab in Georgia. Many alcohol rehab centers in Savannah, Georgia offer quality care, but there are many accessible options throughout the state.

Benefits of Getting Away from Savannah for Addiction Treatment

Although Savannah has all the benefits of a tourist town, this makes it an unfortunate destination for many who are looking to party and take illicit substances. Unfortunately, this makes for a culture that influences individuals to abuse substances. If you or a loved one are already dealing with an addiction this environment can make it difficult to truly get away from addictive substances. Relocating can give the individual the opportunity to experience a new environment, away from outside influences that can encourage them to use again. Staying local may additionally remind them of the hurtful effects addiction has had on their lives. Addiction can often lead to dissolution of personal relationships and staying local can remind the individual of all they have lost to addiction, which can also be a trigger.

Specialty Addiction Care in a New City

Not to mention, you will likely want to look for alcohol rehab treatment in Atlanta. Alcohol affects individuals all throughout Georgia and is the number one substance issue for the state. With the many individuals visiting Savannah for vacation it can be hard for an individual to reach sobriety. Instead, finding alcohol treatment centers in Atlanta, GA will allow the individual to get away from the pervasive party culture, and into a new city where there are many forms of quality treatment. Individuals who need both specialized care and alcohol rehab in Georgia will benefit from Atlanta alcohol treatment centers as they provide more specialty care.

Specifically, individuals in need of in-patient care will benefit the most from relocating for treatment. Not only does relocating make it more likely that the individual will not be tempted to leave treatment, but it will be more difficult for them to do so. Not to mention, they will be able to receive treatment around a new and supportive community. No longer will they have to worry about their peers knowing that they are receiving treatment. The individual is able to establish an environment of privacy they could not have before. Keep in mind, depending on their treatment needs, the individual may want to relocate and find drug treatment centers in Atlanta, GA. Particularly if the individual needs specialized care, Atlanta may be the option for them.

What to Look for in A Addiction Treatment Center

You may be unsure of what to look for when it comes to finding the perfect treatment center. To help you on your treatment journey, you will want to consider each of these topics to find the perfect treatment.

  • Accreditation: When looking for treatment, you will want to be sure that your select treatment center is properly accredited. Proper accreditation ensures that yourself or a loved one receives quality treatment. Look for accreditation from:
    • CARF International
    • The Joint Commission
    • Council on Accreditation
  • Evidence-Based Approaches: You will want to look for treatment centers that offer evidence-based approaches. These therapies have been shown to be the most effective over time. Evidence-based approaches can include (although not limited to):
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
    • The Matrix Model
  • Length/Location: Keep in mind that certain therapies work better when the individual relocates. Other therapies benefit from staying local. Consider how long the individual needs to be away from treatment coupled with how long they can practically be away for treatment.
  • Aftercare Services: Aftercare helps transition the individual back into living their day to day life, now substance free. Individuals who participate in aftercare services are less likely to experience a relapse. Aftercare services can come in these forms:
    • Prolonged Out-Patient Care
    • 12-Step Programs
    • Sober Living Facilities
  • Payment: Lastly, you will want to consider your payment options when it comes to finding treatment. Will you need payment assistance or does the individual have addiction treatment coverage?

Benefits of Addiction Treatment in Savannah

While it is usually in one’s best interests to keep their treatment options open to other cities, sometimes the best treatment option is one close to home. Individuals who will better benefit from receiving outpatient care will likely need to stay local for treatment. Outpatient care is meant to allow the individual to receive treatment while still living their day to day life. Individuals who have a stable support system around them in Savannah should not leave that behind.

More so, when an individual stays local for treatment, they will be more likely to participate in aftercare services. An individual can choose to prolong their outpatient care as a form of aftercare. Any additional form of aftercare services the individual may choose to participate in will feel like less of a transition for the individual. An individual who relocates for treatment may have a more difficult transition into aftercare.

Know that you will want to select the form of care that is truly going to fit the individual’s needs. Making sure the individual receives the specialized care heightens their chance of reaching recovery. An individual who cannot establish a sober environment for themselves in Savannah will benefit from alcohol detox treatment in Atlanta. Individuals who are able to maintain a sober environment for themselves may be able to receive treatment from alcohol rehab centers in Savannah, Georgia. The important thing to remember is choosing the treatment that will best fit their needs whether it be close, and they receive alcohol rehab in Savannah, GA or they need to travel to another city for the perfect fit treatment.

Find Addiction Treatment in Savannah Today

No matter your treatment needs, whether you would like to travel to Atlanta for addiction treatment, or receive rehab in Savannah, Georgia, we want you to know that there is treatment out there that is going to fit your needs. Savannah is plagued by a tourist culture of suburban teens looking for a place to party. What can be a vacation for some can be an everyday battle for others. Call 912-214-3867 today and find out about all of the treatment options you have available to you, whether you need to stay local or travel for alcohol detox in Atlanta. Call today and start down the road to recovery.

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