Macon, Georgia’s Opioid Addiction

Macon, GA, the city “Where soul lives,” is known for its vast history and Yoshino Cherry Blossom festival. Sitting at a population of 153,159, Macon, a town full of livelihood and history, is struggling with a heightened rate of opioid overdoses. The opioid epidemic began in the late 90’s when pharmaceutical companies began marketing opioids as a drug with a low chance for addiction. Unfortunately, this led to doctor’s over prescribing the drugs. The low chance of addiction ultimately proved to be false. Since 2010, Macon has seen a rapid increase in opioid-related overdoses. It is feared that with the co-occurring coronavirus pandemic, the rate of substance abuse will increase. The number of opioid related deaths in 2020 is unsure due to the pandemic.

Drug Statistics on Macon, GA

Macon, GA has been hit particularly hard by the opioid epidemic. In fact, Macon has seen a life expectancy decrease for the past two-years directly related to opioid abuse. Part of the reason for the lower life expectancy is the abuse of prescription drugs. In 2017, a cluster of counterfeit Percocet sales were found to be occurring in Macon. Additionally, individuals abusing both heroin and fentanyl contributed to the high overdose rate. The United States is battling an opioid epidemic and experts fear that it is only going to get worse. Call 912-214-3867 to fight addiction today.

Throughout this page you will find resources on how to best stop addiction and find drug addiction treatment programs in Georgia. Do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and find drug rehab in Savannah or Atlanta. Atlanta offers addiction treatment in a variety of different settings and centers. Rehab in Savannah, Georgia, on the other hand, allows the individual to step into a relaxing setting to receive the care they need. Explore your treatment options first but remain open to where you will be able to receive that treatment. Additionally, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding finding treatment.

Get Help in Macon, GA

addiction help in macon, gaAlthough the circumstances in Macon may seem grim, treatment is there to turn things around. When you are looking for treatment, it is important to consider which treatment option is going to best serve the individual. Different types of treatment are going to be appropriate for different levels of addiction severity. Individuals with a severe form of addiction are going to benefit from a longer-term treatment program. Both 60 and 90-day programs are available. More so, individuals who are dealing with a mild form of addiction will likely benefit from a short-term 30-day treatment option.

When it comes to finding treatment in Macon, GA specifically, you have a few options. First, the treatment types you will not be able to find in Macon include inpatient hospitalization and short-term inpatient residential care. One sole facility in Macon offers long-term residential services. If you are someone who needs inpatient care, Atlanta, GA provides more options nearby. Macon offers more variety in what it has in terms of outpatient care. Several outpatient facilities offer detox and intensive care. Additionally, if you need financial assistance, several facilities accept both Medicare and Medicaid. Other facilities provide payment assistance.

Alcohol Rehab in Georgia

As a whole, Georgia is battling alcohol addiction. If you are looking for alcohol rehab in Georgia, you should know what you have available to you in terms of treatment. In Georgia, alcohol rehab is available in these forms:

  • Partial Hospitalization: Only available as a part of the 30-day treatment program, partial hospitalization is intensive. Partial hospitalization requires the individual to spend most of their day in treatment, and they are free to return home afterwards. This option is not available in Macon so if you need this option you may want to look for alcohol rehab centers in Savannah, GA.
  • Outpatient Services: Outpatient treatment is similar to partial hospitalization in that the individual may return home after receiving this treatment. However, outpatient is less intense than partial hospitalization, but the individual will spend time in treatment over a longer span of time. Outpatient alcohol rehab in Atlanta is available.
  • Inpatient Residential: The last treatment type available is inpatient residential. This treatment type entails a 24-hour stay at a facility, short-term residential care is not available in Macon. However, inpatient alcohol rehab in Atlanta, GA provides this type of care.

No matter the type of alcohol treatment you need, you will be able to find it. Just know that you may have to relocate and finding alcohol detox in Atlanta or Savannah are both worthwhile options.

Why Your Addiction Treatment Should Involve Travel

Keeping your options open when seeking treatment is one of the best things to do when searching for treatment. When you limit yourself to a single city, you may not find what you need in terms of treatment. Macon has options, but some treatments are limited to a single facility. For instance, an individual who may need specialized care as an individual of the LGBTQ community has access to specialized care in Macon. However, it cannot be guaranteed that, that sole facility is going to be compatible with the rest of their needs. Relocating will give the individual a chance to find care at multiple facilities. Treatment centers can offer a community of support and it is important that the individual is allowed to feel compatible and safe with that community.

Know that Macon is somewhat lacking in what it can provide for treatment. Oftentimes, when there are a limited number of treatment facilities available there may be waiting lists for treatment which can prolong the time one will have to wait for reaching recovery. Instead, finding rehab in Savannah, Georgia or alcohol rehab treatment in Atlanta can ensure that the individual receives treatment in the time span that they need it.  Addiction can have severe consequences and having to push treatment back due to availability concerns doesn’t have to be a reality for you. Relocating for substance abuse treatment in Savannah can mean getting treatment at the exact time you need it.

Receive Treatment Discreetly

Speaking of community, relocating allows the individual to step away from their local community. The local community may have been toxic for them. Staying local will likely keep the individual around factors that contributed to their initial substance addiction. More so, when they are able to get away from those factors, they are less likely to leave inpatient treatment. The patient will not have external influences dissuading them from treatment. Relocating allows the patient to focus only on their treatment, and living the life that they deserve to live. Not to mention, relocating allows the individual to establish a greater sense of privacy for themselves. Individuals suffering with addiction may not always want the community around them to know of their condition, relocating allows them to receive treatment discreetly.

Not to mention, if you are looking for alcohol treatment specifically, it will be in your best interests to relocate. Notably, if you are additionally looking for specialized care, as an abuse victim, or as a member of the LGBTQ community, you will find more options for alcohol detox treatment in Atlanta and Savannah. There are many alcohol treatment centers in Atlanta, GA coupled with the amount of facilities that provide specialized care. You do not want to limit yourself to Macon and care that is incompatible with your needs. Instead opening your options to alcohol rehab in Savannah, GA can ensure you receive the treatment that will actually be effective for you.

Elements of the Perfect Addiction Treatment Center

Once you have weighed the benefits of relocating for treatment, you can begin your journey to find the perfect treatment facility. However, you will want to consider these facets while searching for your perfect treatment. The first thing you will want to consider is the facilities accreditation. Proper accreditation ensures that you or a loved one will receive top-notch professional treatment. Legitimate accreditation can come from:

  • The Joint Commission
  • CARF International
  • The National Commission on Correctional Health Care

The next thing you will want to pay attention to is the approach to therapy that a facility takes. The most effective therapy types use evidence-based approaches. Evidence-based approaches are therapies that have been proven effective, time and time again through research. Evidence-based approaches can include, but are not limited to:

  • Family Treatment Approach
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Experiential Approaches (Art, Music, Equine therapy)
  • Counseling

After that consider both length and location. We know it is beneficial to relocate for inpatient services. Consider how long the individual can practically be away from their obligations, versus how long they will need treatment to successfully reach recovery. The next thing you will want to consider are aftercare services. Aftercare works by successfully transitioning the patient back into their day to day life while they embrace sobriety. Consider these services:

  • 12-Step programs
  • Coaching and goal setting
  • Sober Living facilities
  • Continued outpatient treatment

Lastly, you will want to consider payment options. Will the individual need payment assistance or do they have coverage?

More Addiction Treatment Information on Macon, GA

Although there are many benefits to relocating for treatment, staying local has many benefits too. Staying local is the sensible option for those who are taking part in outpatient therapy. Outpatient therapy is intended for those who have obligations they need to tend to while also receiving treatment. More so, an individual who already has a steady support system that encourages them on their treatment path, does not need to relocate. Not to mention, when the individual stays local, they then have the opportunity to extend their outpatient therapy. Extending outpatient services leads to a higher likelihood of reaching sobriety. The individual will also be more likely to participate in aftercare services. Participating in aftercare makes it less likely that the individual will experience a relapse.

The number one thing to keep in mind is that you find the treatment that will best serve yourself or a loved one’s needs. Some individuals will benefit from relocating while others will not. An individual who cannot provide a sober environment for themselves and needs a new environment should consider substance abuse treatment in Atlanta. An individual who has an already established support system will likely find staying local for treatment to be their best treatment option. No treatment option is better than another by itself. However, certain treatment types fit certain needs better. Some individuals need outpatient care in Macon while others need alcohol rehab in Atlanta, GA.

Get Help Today

Unfortunately, it does not look like the opioid epidemic is showing any signs of stopping. Several different types of opioids are affecting the community of Macon, so much so that the life expectancy decreased. However, hope remains for Macon, GA. Call 912-214-3867 and let our experts assist you in finding the right care for you or a loved one. It is okay if you don’t know where to start, that’s what we’re here for. We can answer any questions you may have about addiction, treatment, facilities, and more. The most important thing is that you make that call. Recovery is a phone call away.

Reach out today, and we can offer any assistance that you may need, whether it is simply drug intervention tips, or you are ready to find drug treatment centers in Atlanta, GA. We want to help you move forward on your journey towards healing. The number one substance affecting Georgia is alcohol and we can offer you information on alcohol dependency and finding treatment for alcohol dependency. Do not forget, Atlanta, GA alcohol treatment centers are a quality option and you may want to consider relocating for treatment. If you are unsure about relocating for treatment, please reach out today an we can explore your options together.

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