Can Peach State Insurance Cover Addiction Care?

In an ideal setting, we would be able to receive treatment with as minimal a cost to us as possible. While we can’t guarantee you free treatment, knowing your options when it comes to treatment can cut your expenses in the long run. If you or an individual are seeking treatment in Savannah, GA and are covered by Peach State Insurance, there are a few things to know.

peach state insurance

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These are specific to Peach State:

  • Balanced Care
    • Levels 1-20, dependent on income
    • Balanced split between out-of-pocket expenses and deductibles
    • Addiction coverage available, co-pays may apply
  • Essential Care
    • Level 1-20, income-based
    • Higher out-of-pocket expenses and deductibles, lower premium
    • Addiction coverage at every level, co-pays may apply
  • Secure Care
    • Levels 1-20, income-based
    • Lower out-of-pocket expenses and deductibles, higher premium
    • Addiction coverage on all levels, co-pays may apply

Knowing the details of your coverage is particularly important in making sure the treatment you need will be available to you at the most convenient cost. Once you are familiar with the in’s & out’s of your plan, you will want to familiarize yourself with HMO and PPO plans.

The first, PPO or Preferred Provider Organization plans allow an individual to receive treatment from an out-of-network provider, without having to receive a referral. The PPO plan can be pricey, however it allows the individual to receive treatment from a variety of providers and have the treatment covered once they file a claim.

The HMO plan, or Health Maintenance Organization plan, is more cost-effective than a PPO. However, HMO plans can limit where one receives treatment. An HMO plan requires a PCP, or Primary Care Physician who must write a referral for a patient to receive additional treatment. Under an HMO only in-network providers will be covered (excluding emergencies), but the individual will not have to file a claim for coverage.

Additional Coverage Options

Although Peach State Insurance offers variety when it comes to addiction coverage, you may find that it doesn’t exactly fit your needs. Additionally, you may find that you need another coverage option altogether. Fortunately, there are additional options available, and we are available to assist in answering any questions you may have about them. Call 912-214-3867, to learn more about your coverage options, and what is available for you in Savannah, GA.

One of the most helpful places to go when searching for treatment options is your providers website. The behavioral and mental health section of your providers website should provide information on coverage options, along with co-pays and deductibles that may apply. Additionally, the website is an insightful place to start if you are just beginning to explore your treatment options. The website should provide information on facilities, near you and beyond, that are covered by your plan.

As stated before, there are additional options when it comes to treatment coverage. Perhaps you find that your insurance tier doesn’t cover the exact treatment you need. Medicaid and Medicare in the state of Georgia can each cover addiction treatment. Medicare does not specify the type of addiction treatment it offers. However, when the circumstances make treatment necessary, Medicare offers coverage. Medicare can cover both in-patient and out-patient services.

Georgia Medicaid can provide treatment for alcohol and drug dependency. Additionally, Medicaid can cover both in-patient residential and out-patient services, whichever is appropriate for the individual seeking treatment. Additionally, if neither Peach State nor Medicaid/Medicare fit your needs a few more options are available. Several facilities in the state of Georgia provide payment assistance. Some facilities offer payment plans, while other facilities offer services on a sliding fee scale. No matter your needs, there is an option that will cover you.

Know Your Options

Remember, knowing your options when it comes to treatment allows you to get the best care at the best cost. Peach State offers care through three plans that each offer 20 different levels. Understanding your treatment plan gives you a minimal chance of incurring fees that may be hidden inside of insurance jargon. Technical language can be a lot to take in, let us decode it for you. Call 912-214-3867 and understand your options. Our experts can help walk you through your plan, and help you understand the options available to you.

Seeking and accepting that you or a loved one may need treatment is an intimidating process. Factoring in payment options can seem like just another burden. Call us and we will carry that burden. No matter what type of coverage you have, whether it be Peach State, Medicare, or you need a payment plan, we can assist you. There is a facility out there that will fit your needs no matter your coverage option. Our representatives can find that facility for you. When you let us focus on the fine-print, you can focus on recovery.

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