Getting Help with United HealthCare

One of the key things to look for when deciding on a treatment center is the payment types. You will want to consider the type of coverage you have and whether or not a specific facility is covered. Individuals with coverage under United HealthCare in Savannah, GA should have information about what their provider offers in terms of addiction treatment.

Typically, insurance plans will be split into levels, and then the levels will be further split into tiers. One of the options United offers is short-term insurance. Short-term meant to cover gaps in coverage. Both deductibles and co-pays may apply under short-term coverage. Short-term coverage plans limit do not cover all forms of treatment. The next option under United is TriTerm. Coverage lasts for a term of three years with TriTerm. Under TriTerm care, all addiction services may not be covered, and a copay may still apply. The last option is Fixed Indemnity where coverage will vary by tier.

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Choosing a Plan

The next thing you will want to consider when exploring treatment options is whether you have an HMO or PPO plan. These plans play a significant in role in where you will be able to receive coverage. The first, the HMO or Health Maintenance Organization is the more cost-effective plan. The HMO requires that the individual receives referrals from a Primary Care Physician (PCP), in order to receive further services. Lastly, with an HMO plan the PCP refers the individual to in-network care providers. Under the HMO their treatment will be immediately covered at an in-network provider.Services will not be covered at an out-of-network provider with an HMO, except for in an emergency.

The PPO plan, or Preferred Provider Organization plan, gives the individual more flexibility at a higher cost. Additionally, the individual will not need a PCP under this plan and can have treatment covered by aprovider that is out of network once a claim has been filed.

Navigating Insurance Coverage

You may come to find that your insurance provider does not cover addiction treatment, or you may not have coverage at all. No matter your coverage needs, you have options. Many treatment centers in facilities in Georgia accept Medicare and Medicaid. Although Medicare does not specify their addiction coverage, it provides coverage under appropriate circumstances. Under Medicare, both inpatient and outpatient services can be covered. As for the State of Georgia’s Medicaid coverage, addiction treatment can be covered. Both inpatient and outpatient services will be covered as long as its coverage benefits do not outweigh the benefits for medical and surgical services.

More so, if an individual is not covered under either United HealthCare or Medicare/Medicaid there are additional options. Many facilities throughout Georgia offer payment plans. Additionally, there may be an option to pay for services through sliding scale fees, which work to help the individual pay for treatment.

There are a vast number of terms and things to know when exploring your coverage options. We can assist you with decoding it all at 912-214-3867. These terms and plans can get confusing at times, but we can break it down and make it easy for you. Additionally, if you are just beginning to explore your options on your own, you will want to look at your provider’s website. Your provider’s website should have information on its treatment coverage under its behavioral and mental health sections. Typically, you will be able to find the different types of addiction treatments covered and the terms and conditions that may apply. More so, if you are looking for a specific facility, your providers website should also provide that information.

How We Can Help

When it comes to United HealthCare coverage in Savannah, GA, you have options. Your select tier and coverage type will determine the extent of coverage and whether or not there will be deductibles or co-pays. More so, Medicare and Medicaid will cover addiction treatment in Georgia under the appropriate circumstance. Not to mention, you can receive payment assistance from many facilities throughout the state. Do not let coverage be a barrier to your treatment. There are many ways to cover your treatment that will fit your needs.

We understand that navigating insurance pages can get tedious. Insurance plans can be full of professional jargon and at times seem like they only exist to make things difficult for you. When you are dealing with addiction, technical language should be the last thing adding to your plate. Call 912-214-3867, so our experts can do the hard work for you. Don’t let tricky insurance policies hit you with unnecessary bills. We can make it easy for you. Additionally, we can provide information about addiction, different types of treatment, treatment centers, and answer any other questions you may have about access to treatment. You can cover treatment.

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