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A city full of history and reminders of the antebellum south, Athens, sits in northeastern Georgia. Athens, GA is also home to the University of Georgia. Although one would expect a college town to be riddled with the college rituals of binge drinking, the reality for Athens is a bit darker. Unfortunately, Athens has a fair share of opioid, meth, cocaine, and heroin abuse. There are a slew of reasons why individuals in Athens may be dealing with drug addiction. The reasons include college students seeking relief from study pressures. Although the rest of Georgia has seen a decrease in cocaine use, the same cannot be said for Athens.

Drug Statistics on Athens, GA

While cocaine usage is declining across the whole of Georgia, it has remained steady in Athens. Not to mention, Athens is now starting to see the rise in heroin usage that has been plaguing the rest of the state. Notably overdose deaths on the rise, and the college age group is abusing heroin at the highest rate.

One of the factors that is likely contributing to the rise in addiction in Athens is the lack of access to mental health care. It is widely known that addiction and mental health disorders typically co-occur. An individual struggling with their mental health, especially when left untreated, is likely to turn to substance abuse to deal with their symptoms. Self-medicating is likely to make the initial symptoms worse, leading to grave consequences. If you or a loved one have fallen victim to addiction it is not too late to reach out. Reach out to us at 912-214-3867. We want to help you find the information you need to find treatment in Athens, GA. Drug abuse is on the rise in Athens, but we can assist you by helping you understand addiction and how to treat it. Additionally, we can help you with a course of action and finding alcohol rehab in Georgia.

Treatment Resources for You

We have information on how and where to select the best treatment for yourself or a loved one. Keep in mind that the best treatment may not be local and you may want to look for substance abuse treatment in Atlanta. Consider what getting away from one’s triggers can mean for the individual’s chance at recovery. Maybe Athens has the right treatment, but maybe the right treatment is substance abuse treatment in Savannah, GA. Keep an open mind while on this page, know that you can receive the treatment you need no matter where it may be located.

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Treatment Programs in Athens, GAWhen exploring what treatment programs are available, keep in mind that it should be individualized. First, you have the 30-day treatment option that is best for individuals with a time crunch and mild addictions. The 60-day and 90-day treatment lengths are appropriate for those with moderate to severe addiction. Longer treatment is more effective at treating the severer forms of addiction. More so, both the 60 and 90-day options offer inpatient residential and outpatient services. The 30-day option offers inpatient, but instead of outpatient, offers partial hospitalization, which is more intensive.

Unfortunately, inpatient hospitalization services are not available in Athens, GA. However, Athens does have facilities that offer outpatient services including both detoxification and intensive treatments. More so, should the individual need inpatient residential care, Athens provides short-term care, but they will need to look elsewhere for long-term treatment programs. Not to mention, with Athens also affected by the opioid crisis, there are centers in the city that are SAMHSA certified to treat opioid addiction. Individuals who need cost effective options may want to look outside of Athens for treatment. While some centers accept Medicaid, Medicare is not accepted. A few facilities offer payment assistance.

Alcohol Rehab in Atlanta and Savannah, GA

Alcohol is one of the most abused substances throughout Georgia, and you may be looking for alcohol rehab. Know that you will be able to find quality alcohol detox in Atlanta and Savannah, GA. Throughout Georgia there are multiple different types of treatment that include:

  • Partial Hospitalization: Available as a component of 30-day treatments, this treatment type is intensive, but allows patients the opportunity to return home after treatment. Look to Atlanta, GA alcohol treatment centers for this type of care.
  • Outpatient Services: Less intense than partial hospitalization. Outpatient alcohol rehab in Atlanta also allows the individual to return home after treatment. However, the individual spends less time in treatment and over a longer period of time.
  • Inpatient Services: Inpatient alcohol treatment in Atlanta, GA, requires a stay in a sober facility. The individual receives 24-hour care while being a part of a new community.

There are many options for alcohol rehab in Atlanta. You may want to consider alcohol treatment centers in Atlanta or Savannah, GA to get away from addiction triggers.

Why You Should Travel for Treatment

External factors often help sustain addiction. While it is true that individual’s can be genetically disposed to addiction, circumstances in the surrounding environment will combine with those genetic factors and allow the addiction to manifest. As a result, it is sometimes better that an individual dealing with substance abuse relocates. Relocation allows the individual to experience a new environment away from those external factors that contribute to their addiction. Instead of an environment that was not conducive to their mental health and well-being, they will be given the opportunity to experience a new supportive environment. A new city allows the individual to strive for the life they deserve without addiction bogging them down.

More so, treatment type makes a difference when it comes to relocating as well. While it may not be ideal for an individual needing outpatient services to relocate, it is the better choice for a patient that needs inpatient. As mentioned above, not only will the individual be away from deterring external factors, they are going to be less likely to leave treatment. The external factors not only contribute to  addiction, but may also encourage the individual to leave treatment early. The new city will give the individual a new chance at life. Relocation gives patients the chance to have more privacy. Individual’s who need treatment programs may not want others to know that they need it. out of fear of how it will be perceived. A new location ensures that they are the only individual with knowledge of their condition.

The Right Town for Recovery

Take care to remember the type of culture you will want to have around you when receiving treatment as well. Athens is a small college town that may leave an individual vulnerable to taking substances. Relocating and finding drug rehab in Savannah, GA will be good for an individual who will do well to get away from it all. There are many worthwhile drug addiction treatment programs in Georgia located outside of Athens. Depending on the type of treatment you need specifically you may also want to look into Atlanta for addiction treatment. You will have access to many drug treatment centers in Atlanta, and Savannah, GA.

Searching for a Treatment Center

While Athens provides some options for treatment, it may not provide what the individual needs specifically. Treatment needs to be individualized to best support recovery and make sure that the individual receives specialized care. Remember that Athens does not offer inpatient hospitalization. An individual who needs inpatient care will have better odds at success in another city such as Monroe, GA.

When considering treatment centers, additional factors needs to be considered as well. Keep these in mind when searching for a facility:

  • Accreditation: Is the facility properly accredited? Look for accreditation by:
    • The Joint Commission
    • CARF International
    • The Council on Accreditation
  • Length/Location: Consider the treatment length when looking for a facility. Remember, long-term inpatient care for an individual who needs a sober environment is not available in Athens.
  • Payment: How is the individual insured? Does the individual have coverage? Some facilities provide payment plans, but no facilities accept Medicare in Athens for addiction treatment.
  • Evidence-Based Approach: What type of therapy does the facility provide? Therapy forms that prove effective after years of research provide a higher probability of recovery.
  • Aftercare Services: What does the facility offer in terms of aftercare? Individuals who complete aftercare are less likely to experience a relapse.

Drug Rehab in Savannah, GA

Know that in college towns, binge-drinking is typically encouraged. Therefore, you may want to specifically keep your options open when looking for alcohol rehab in Georgia. Many alcohol rehab centers in Savannah, Georgia are available. Not only is alcohol rehab offered in Savannah, GA there are a variety of therapies offered due to the type of locale that Savannah is. Relocating for rehab in Savannah, GA can truly make the individual feel as if they are getting away from it all. Do not think that you cannot relocate for treatment, there are many ways we can assist you in finding a treatment center for addiction in the state of Georgia.

Treatment Programs Near Athens, GA

Athens limits your treatment programs when it comes to inpatient residential services. However, you cannot say the same for outpatient treatment. In fact, Athens outpatient services offer both detoxification and intensive treatment services. Typically, an individual participating in outpatient services will stay local regardless. Outpatient allows the individual to receive treatment during the day and still return home afterwards. Staying local allows the individual to not only extend the treatment if need be, but also allow the individual to potentially receive aftercare services from the same facility. The more time spent participating in outpatient treatment the less likely they are to experience a relapse, and the same can be said for aftercare.

Ultimately, you are going to want to pick the treatment type that is right for you whether it be in Athens, Atlanta, Savannah, or another city in Georgia in general. If the individual has a support system and can maintain a sober environment for themselves in Athens, it may be the right city for their treatment. However, if the individual cannot maintain that type of environment for themselves looking for alcohol rehab in Atlanta may be what they need. Additionally, they will be able to find alcohol detox treatment in Atlanta, and should keep their options open to relocating. Remember, the best fit treatment is more important than the location itself.

Make the Call

With the potent mix of substances flowing around Athens, GA, substance abuse will likely continue to rise. You have a multitude of choices available, no matter if staying local is the better option for you, or you need to relocate. Do not let addiction stop you or a loved one from living to their life to the fullest potential. Call us at 912-214-3867 and we will help you find all of the treatment options available to you. Many of those facing addiction in Athens are just starting their adult lives, do not let addiction take over. Our experts can start you down the road to recovery today.

We understand that finding the right treatment type may be difficult. Our experts are waiting on the other end of the line to provide all of the drug intervention tips you may need to get you going on your treatment journey. No matter where you are at on your journey, whether you simply have questions about drug treatment programs or are ready to commit to finding an Atlanta drug treatment center, we are here for you. Reach out today and make that necessary change. Addiction is a battle thar you should not have to fight alone.

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